Conference information

Keynote Speeches and Comments
Two keynote speeches will outline the three focal points of the conference on the 15th of April. They will highlight eco-friendly energy generation and the sustainable utilization of the Ocean’s ecosystem (“Sustainable Energy Generation from the Oceans” and “Sustainable Management of Ocean Ecosystems”). Every keynote speech will be followed by two comments delivered by practitioners. Legal aspects of these issues will be given particular consideration.

Working Groups
In the afternoon of the 15th of April, following the keynote speeches, participants will convene in three separate working groups focusing on one of the three key areas of interest. Recent trends and developments within these areas will be addressed through a total of three talks per working group, followed by a moderated discussion.

Public Panel Discussion
In the morning of the 16th of April, a concluding podium discussion will publicly summarize and critically reflect on the result of the previous day under the moderation of NDR (Northern German Broadcasting), a public radio and television broadcaster, and the participation of the scientific advisory board as well as three more practitioners. The discussion will be held in German.

Please download our Conference Program for further information.

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